Mothers in motion

About Mothers in Motion

Mothers in Motion is a national initiative aimed at moving, mentoring and motivating mothers to be physically active and adopt healthy eating practices for themselves and their families, from infancy to adolescence.

Move: By providing ideas on how to eat healthy and become physically active.

Mentor: By providing tools and information to help mothers become better role models for their children and families.

Motivate: By supporting and encouraging mothers to lead healthy, active lives.

Mothers who are active and lead a healthy active lifestyle are role models for their families, and their desire to keep moving, eat healthy and be involved in sport and physical activity will motivate their children to do the same.

Mothers in Motion was originally created in 2001 to provide information to expectant and new mothers, the Mothers in Motion website was redesigned in 2004 to support Canadian women and their families in their pursuit of healthy, active lifestyles.

From 2007 to 2010, Mothers in Motion was further expanded to focus on increasing physical activity and healthy eating opportunities for low socioeconomic status mothers. Women in low socioeconomic status (LSES) circumstances are more likely to report that there is not enough information provided about local opportunities for physical activity and sport and/or they lack awareness on how to go about building physical activity into their lives. Many barriers impact upon the physical activity habits of low socioeconomic status mothers and ultimately their families. Activities undertaken over the course of the project included: cross-Canada focus groups, resource development and workshop facilitation.

In 2010, the Ontario Trillium Foundation provided three year project (2010-2013) funding to increase physical activity and sport participation for Ontario mothers, including the development of resources for the Motions in Motion Toolkit, training of 20 Master Trainers, delivery 10 regional workshops and funding of 10 pilot projects.

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