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Find your Level
Build Endurance
Build Strength
Build Flexibility
Physical Activity Guide

Mothers of New Babies and Toddlers

Physical Activity

Your starting point for physical activity after childbirth should begin where you ended just before giving birth.


If you are pregnant now, keep a record of your physical activity during your last month of

pregnancy so that you know where to begin after giving birth.




It may take 2 to 3 months to get back to a level of physical activity and performance you enjoyed before childbirth.


Be patient!


        Are you ready to become physically active?
        When to stop physical activities.


Find Your Level:
        Are you a healthy inactive or active woman?
        Are you a recreational athlete?
        Are you a competitive athlete?


Build Endurance:
        Guidelines for endurance or aerobic activities.


Build Strength:
        Activities for muscle tone and weight loss.


Gain Flexibility:
        Stretching, simple range of motion and relaxation activities.


Physical Activity Guide:
        Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living