Mothers in motion

Mothers of New Babies and Toddlers

As a new mother or someone who will soon be a mother, this is the best time to adopt and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Your health and the FUTURE of your family’s health depend on it!

Helping new mothers attain and maintain a physically active lifestyle — and practice healthy eating — is the goal of Mothers in Motion.  New moms can find lots of tips for helping them attain or maintain a healthy lifestyle on this website. You can also take our quick quiz “Are you Ready to Become Physically Active?” to help you decide how best to begin. We will also help you gather information on ways to cope with being a mother, including breastfeeding, physical activity guidelines and equipment, healthy eating, and safety issues.

Physical Activity:


Physical Activity Log (PDF - 190 KB)

Physical Activity Guidelines for Mothers in Motion (PDF - 254 KB)


I don't have the time to prepare a 'well-balanced' meal every night.

Prepare healthy meals ahead of time and freeze for up to 2 months.