Mothers in motion

Unequal Opportunities, Unequal Outcomes

Women in the 19-50 year-old age group make up almost one-half of the population of women in Canada. These women are coping with the competing demands of motherhood, childcare responsibilities and work outside the home.

A growing body of evidence indicates that socioeconomic status (SES) (e.g. income, education, occupation, family structure and social support) is a strong predictor of health, including overweight and obesity.

Low socioeconomic status (not just low-income) mothers and their families are disadvantaged with respect to accessibility of physical activity opportunities.

CAAWS has developed physical activity tools to assist practioners better address specific community issues and barriers with respect to accessibility, availability and affordability of physical activity opportunities for LSES mothers.

Resources and tools resulting from the cross-Canada focus groups

Why CAAWS began this project...

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We Have Feedback from Eight Communities
Read the feedback from the community programs, which received grants last year, to hear first hand about the challenges, successes and learnings with developing and delivering programs for this target population.

"When I say my band, nobody asks me what instrument I play."
- Aboriginal mother, Halifax
"Some of us don't know how to swim, so we let the kids go in the pool and then watch while they're swimming."
- Multicultural mother, Ottawa
"Sometimes we need help. I need some time for me, at least thirty minutes. I want to do something for me."
- Immigrant mother, Calgary
"We need, as professionals, to find ways not only to promote the benefits of physical activity but to offer programs that benefit the women in terms of affordability and accessibility.'
- Public health nurse, Ottawa