Mothers in motion

Are You Ready?

Why is physical activity important for your future?

The physical and social environment that exist today and that affect today's children are very different from years gone by. Recent research suggests that despite the importance of a healthy lifestyle, many children suffer from lack of activity and poor eating habits. According to a survey on the Health Behaviours of School Aged Children between 1990 and 1998:

  • fewer Canadian students aged 11 to 15 exercised two or more times a week outside of school hours

  • the percentage of Canadian students who watched TV four or more hours per day increased, and

  • Canadian children reported playing video games more than 4 hours per week.

MOTHERS in MOTION is an investment in you and in your family's health. Our goal is to help you maintain or attain a physically active lifestyle while being a role model for your children to do the same!


Begin now! It's never too late to invest in Mothers in Motion. The payoff will come as you create a healthy future.

Physical activity is the BEST investment plan on the market. It offers a lifetime of  MAJOR health returns! The benefits of being involved in sport and physical activity increase the older your children are. They depend on you to show the way.  


Get BIG returns on your investment!

Physical activity can:

  • Enhance your growth and development
  • Build your self-esteem and help to create a positive self-image
  • Help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • Provide you with many ways to spend quality time with your family, and
  • Foster positive relationships.

With all this return on your investment, now is a great time to start!


Plan ahead! Our best investment advice for physical activity is to:

Start Young
The way your child develops depends to a large extent on the beliefs, attitudes, and actions that you and your partner have.

Childhood is a prime time to learn about and act on the skills and habits for lifelong physical activity, wise nutrition, and other healthy behaviours. "Active parents tend to have active kids." (Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute, 1995)

Invest in strength, flexibility, and endurance activities to ensure your plan is well-rounded!

Balance it out with a variety of healthy foods and physical activities

As a new mother, you may have certain concerns that relate to health, such as:  

  • Breastfeeding your baby - Am I eating and drinking the correct foods and liquids to produce enough milk for my baby?
  • Your physical well-being - When is it safe for me to begin physical activity and what type of physical activities are the best for me? How can I eat well and still lose the weight I gained when I was pregnant? Will I be able to lift or carry my baby?
  • Your emotional well-being - How will I be able to sleep with a new baby? How can I cope with the lack of order, stress, and depression that I may feel with this new baby?
  • Keeping your child safe - Where can I play safely with my baby? Are bike carriers safe for my baby? When is it safe to begin to be physically active with my baby?

The questions you ask as a new mother will have a strong impact on the positive lifestyle choices that you make. The benefit of these positive choices marks the beginning of healthy lifestyle habits in your children. Mothers in motion embrace healthy, active lifestyles for themselves and they are also teaching their children to do the same!


What are the benefits of physical activity?


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