Mothers in motion

Mothers of School-Age Children

Eat well – play well! Healthy eating and active living build healthy children.


School-age children are open to learning from those around them. As a physically active mother, you can teach by example. The result will be children who are more physically active and healthy.


Families that eat breakfast together begin the day in a healthy way—together! Planning family mealtimes and family activities such as hiking, cycling, in-line or ice skating keeps healthy eating and active living FUN!


If you are the biggest fan of your child's sport team (for example, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, or ringette), you will offer more than support. You will reinforce all the benefits of physical activity and sport for gaining more confidence and healthy growth.


Between diaper changes, feedings, and everyday chores I can't imagine where to find time for me.

Let your baby take one nap a day in the stroller and use this time to go for a walk - physical activity is great "me" time for the body and the mind. If your child is a little older look for a swimming or yoga class that you can enjoy together.