Mothers in motion


From April to June 2012, ten regional workshops will take place across Ontario. During these workshops, both mothers and community stakeholders will be: a) provided with information on the issues facing mothers and their families around physical activity; b) presented with tools to help address these issues; c) provided with opportunities to use the tools; and d) provided with opportunities to determine what is needed in their communities and presented with a funding opportunity to pilot one of their ideas.

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Schedule of Workshops for Mothers

Schedule of Workshops for Stakeholders



Between diaper changes, feedings, and everyday chores I can't imagine where to find time for me.

Let your baby take one nap a day in the stroller and use this time to go for a walk - physical activity is great "me" time for the body and the mind. If your child is a little older look for a swimming or yoga class that you can enjoy together.